Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Sonnet

"For They Might Be Giants"

We took a short trek north, over the bridge
Rout PA-28, under the ridge
Twenty five bucks a piece at Mr. Smalls
To see TMBG give it their alls.

We filled that hollowed out church to the brim
With fat old dorks and geeks pale and slim.
They smoked their incense in packs of twenty,
Taking their communion of Wild Turkey.

There was Marty on drums and Dans on strings.
John plays guitar while John keyboards and sings,
"I'm your only friend" and we sing along
With all the words to each and ev'ry song.

I grabbed my ear plugs when my ears got sore.
My hubby wished I had brought one pair more.
Istanbul replaced Constantinople;
Confetti flew blue, yellow and purple.

Where triangles prowled and Gilgimesh walked
I palindromed I, and the cyclops rocked.

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