Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Expelling Lies

Theists could do a lot for their image by expelling the hypocrites and con-artists from their ranks. I guess the 5 or so theists left would feel pretty lonely.

The con-artist I'm thinking about right now are those behind the Expelled, movie. You can see a thorough debunking of their lies at Expelled Exposed, but why take their word for it*? Why not find out for yourself? Go to your local public library, wander over to the QH section and look at the biology books in the 331s. I recommend About Life, by Agutter and Wheatley. It's a short read - 200 pages - written at a level that a middel school student could understand. No previous knowledge of biology is required. What you'll find is that life in incredibly complex, and the natural processes that created it and make it work are far more exciting than faeries or ghosts.
*Expelled Exposed was created by the National Center for Science Education. The goal of science is to expand our knowledge of the universe, and scientific method is the only reliable way humans have found to determine what is true. Don't believe me? How are you reading this, through clairvoyance or a computer screen? Science works, bitches.

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