Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Two things happened. I wrecked on my bike on the 29th. Don't worry, the bike is fine. It came away with only mildly dislocated breaks and seat. This was because I broke its fall. I ended up going to the ER that Sunday because my knee was still all swollen up, and I wasn't sure what to do with such deep abrasions. They x-rayed my knee, scrubbed out my wounds, and sent me home with a strap-on cast and crutches. They said I had a sprain, and they referred me to an orthopedic surgeon in case of ligament damage. The OS told me to get rid of the cast and to wean myself off the crutches - no ligament damage. Now, I don't think I even had a sprain. The swelling's gone down and I'm walking on my own. Once my knee has warmed up, I can even do stairs without assistance. The gashes on my knee, wrist and shoulder are still annoying, and I'm going to see a specialist tomorrow to learn how to avoid scarring.

In other news, K updated his resume and has been looking for work in New York, Boston and the DC area. We're generally tired of Pittsburgh, and incompetent management has ruined any satisfaction he would be taking from his job. Last Friday, the day I wrecked, K got an offer to work in Boston. He negotiated an acceptable salary that weekend and accepted the job. He starts Monday. They're sending him straight to Toronto for a programming training camp. Then they'll fly him back here, and we'll drive to Boston by way of Weisport PA to attend my niece's first birthday party. Things are moving fast, though not fast enough in some instances. K's new company is putting us up in a corporate apartment for our first month in Boston, but they haven't figured out where yet. The apartment will be furnished, but I need to know how furnished so I'll know what needs to come with us. We're having the movers leave our stuff in storage until we get the next apartment. We'll have to pack everything we need in the interim in our car, and I need to know what that is so the movers can give me the right quote. Not that the money is that crucial: K's company is paying for the move. Breathe in. Breathe out. Relax.

I'm moving to Boston in two weeks!


Reid said...

hello, came across your post over at PZ's blog about moving to boston. i'm a boston based photographer and designer, skeptic, atheist blah blah blah, and just thought i'd say hello!

there's a monthly skeptic meet up run by rebecca watson of skepchick.org in boston, i haven't been, but i hear it's a blast and will probably make it out soon.

John said...

You've been tagged!

I know you usually don't do these things, but there's no one else I could tag.