Monday, May 25, 2009

An Open Letter to Catholic Churchgoers

Dear Catholic Churchgoer,

How many children will need to be raped by priests before you stop giving your support to the Catholic Church? I would not want to be associated in the slightest with an organization that has for years hidden pedophiles within its ranks, never holding them accountable, but often enabling their vile sins. By not speaking out, by attending mass, by supporting the Catholic Church, you are condoning its actions. Shame on you.

For the sake of children everywhere, and for the sake of your own soul, I'm asking you to stop attending mass and to stop giving money to the Church until the Vatican makes a full apology and details a program to correct its actions. I am not asking you to give up your faith. Pray and read the Bible at home. Attend masses of other denominations. You can even start a Sunday morning worship group. Do anything but support the Catholic Church. After all, do you really want to take spiritual advice from an organization with a documented 60 year history of "endemic" child abuse? The current Catholic leadership cares more about its reputation than your children. How can you trust them with your soul?


Kyle P. said...

You already know my opinion. I think this should be published in EVERY newspaper world-wide.

John said...

Good letter, you should definitely send it.

Just don't expect it to accomplish anything but to piss people off.

Denial and blame-shifting are required skills for xians.

Kyle P. said...

"Those children should have said no!"
"Those children should not have worn such enticing clothing. Even I am tempted by them sometime!"
"It's just a little play-fun."
"Those priests weren't TRUE Catholics!"

On and on and on.