Saturday, May 3, 2008

Gays have Broken into the Soap Opera Venue

Proctor & Gamble owned As the World Turns now features a gay couple... [brace yourself for this]... KISSING! And the American Family Association* wont stand for it. They have called upon their herd to send P&G disapproving emails. The template email contains the claim that homosexuality is an "unhealthy lifestyle" and accuse P&G of "pushing the radical homosexual agenda." To be fair, portraying a caring, sensitive display of affection between to adult males is pretty radical, so I used AFA's email mechanism to let P&G know just how I feel, and I suggest you do the same.
*The American Family Association is not affiliated with America or families, but they are asses.


Anonymous said...

How inane! If these people are so offended by sexual acts then they should not be watching soap operas in the first place! These narrow minded people better learn that gay people are a part of the community and they have a right to be represented by the media! Please get over yourselves! If you want to be Christian, then give up your money and go minister to the poor and give them comfort..otherwise...stop talking about how holy you think you are!

Jackie said...

Thanks, for your support. I hope you also let P&G know how you feel.