Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Alan Chambers: Ex-Gay Extraordinaire

Today NPR's "Day to Day" aired a short interview with Exodus International president Alan Chambers. Exodus International's mission is to convert homosexuals into heterosexuals. The organization's founder, Michael Bussey, fell in love with another male counselor and now condemns all de-gaying programs. Oops.

As for Alan Chambers, he's not only the president: he's also a member. He says he's a completely reformed "ex-gay." Does he still feel the occasional lust for members of the same sex? Yes, he says, but "that's just being a human being." No, that's just being gay. Being human covers having sexual urges, but if those urges are for members of the same sex, then you are at least partially gay. Similarly, adults who are not currently sexually active still have sexual orientations.

Chambers goes on to say that EI is there for people who "chose to decide something different than what the world says is best for their life." He "categorically" denies that "the world is anti-homosexual." I guess his world doesn't include countries like Algeria, Mozambique or Zimbabwe, where simply being homosexual is illegal. Rather, Chambers said that in this society, "homosexuality is celebrated, it's something that is taught in the schools as good." Where do you live? San Francisco? Only in the '60s or current times? In the middle of a Gay Pride parade? I guess that as an anti-gay activist he likes to pretend to be the bottom dog... I mean underdog.


John said...

Let's see, there's the unstated assumption that being gay is somehow wrong.

There's the old "Homosexuality is a choice" canard.

There's the persecution complex. ("homosexuality is celebrated, it's something that is taught in the schools as good.")

I'm surprised that he didn't claim that homosexuality is an abomination to God as his clinching argument.

You are spot on about the "ex-gay" stuff.


John said...

Tag! You're it!